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~Online Shopping~

Ever wondered just where to buy Ryuichi's back catalogue? or even how to find additional merchandise such as clothing or promo gear?...well look no further, because here is a quick list of where to buy Ryuichi-related merchandise.

..has a very good range of ryuichi c.d's. Some of there stuff is a little pricey, but you can do far worse, and it's probably the safest way to shop online. The biggest online store in the world.

..e-bay is my first choice for ryuichi merchandise. Occasionally you will find some very rare items on there for next to nothing in price! Most of the stuff is second hand, but they do sell new items as well.

..jojo's music is a portugese store, and is (I think I'm right in assuming) my friend Tete's first choice for sakamoto music and videos. Never tried them, but if Tete finds them good who am I to argue?


..this is a link to ryuichi's official online clothing store. They sell some very nice Ryuichi gear, such as the YMO "work-man" shirt. Nice, but it's quality at a price!

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.....another biggggg online store. Haven't tried them, but they look pretty good! ^_^'

Best Prices on Keyboards!

.....musicians friend is a very large supplier of musical instruments. If you're looking to buy an instrument online, these are a very reputable company.

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