Sakamoto World ~ Pics
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Sakamoto World ~ Pics

Welcome to my Sakamoto World pics page. Here you'll find a variety of Ryuichi Sakamoto related pics for your viewing pleasure.....Enjoy! ^_^

Sakamoto teaming up on the decks with avante garde turn-tablist, D.J Spooky!

Special Event Supported by: paper magazine, BORDEAUX, Good Cop PR Special thanks to COMME des GARCONS Fine Wine Tasting courtesy of BORDEAUX Thursday 20th November 2004, 6:30pm-9:30pm organized by passionate marketing DJ Ben Butler Special Guest DJ: DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid Special DJ SET:Ryuichi Sakamoto After great sets by DJ Ben Butler & DJ Spooky, Spooky and Sakamoto joined forces for a special laptop tagteam session. In addition to great gifts from the evening's sponsors, partygoers received a copy of World Citizen - I won't be disappointed courtesy of Warner Music Japan. Thanks again to everyone at Comme des Garcons, Bordeaux, and Passionate Marketing for a great night!


Never thought you'd see THAT now did you?! lol, this is actually a picture of Ryuichi sakamoto dressed as a woman... but I'm not quite sure why. Be thankful he doesn't drag himself up too often. (well i've definately seen prettier women in my time lets put it that way ;))

Miu sakamoto

Miu sakamoto, or "sister M" as she is sometimes known. Daughter of ex-couple Akiko Yano & Ryuichi Sakamoto.
[Note: Akiko yano was also a famous singer in japan, and Ryuichi often collaborated with her on various musical projects, mainly pop-orientated.]

The tour book of Ryuichi's "Sweet revenge" tour......

I almost bought this at an auction, but it went from 6.44 all the way up to 42! (I wasn't willing to pay that much for it, so I let it go)

Ryuichi(right)with his fellow Y.M.O band members

Ryuichi's 70's/80's Techno-pop band strived to be japans alternative to Kraftwerk. They achieved quite a following world wide, which has managed to sustain even to this day!

"Comica" album cover

Ryuichi's saddening tribute to september 11th. Proof indeed that he puts his need to express himself artistically ahead of comercial gain. Immediately after the 09/11 disaster Ryuichi found it virtually impossible to play piano. Thankfully he has since made a sound recovery.

Ryuichi on the front cover of UK's "Wire" magazine.

An english magazine cover from a 1994 issue of the modern music magazine "Wire". Again I bid on this but lost due to unreasonable price esculations. Ryuichi-freaks really bid high! @_@ .......there's a monthly section in the magazine dedicated to a little game that the interviewers play with the artists called "invisible jukebox". The artists have to listen to a bunch of specially selected songs without prior knowledge of what they are about to listen to. They have to guess whom the artist is, what the song is, and also give there impressions of what they are hearing. This section of the magazine is often the most entertaining, and in this particular issue, Ryuichi took part!

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